Just finished six days of recording sessions, putting all six Bach solo suites onto disc. Awaiting the first edit with excitement and trepidation ...
The Roman River Festival starts in a couple of weeks; four concerts are sold out already which is fantastic. Working on Sitkovetsky's string trio transcription of the Goldberg Variations to play with my sisters at the first concert.
Last week was my first piano and cello recitals for some time; Beethoven and Rachmaninov with Dominic Harlan.
LPO and Philharmonia work coming up this Autumn; meanwhile the four-month renovation on our house has suddenly turned into a ten-month project. We hope to be back in next spring.
The final two Bach concerts are next month; then I will pack up until next spring when churches get warm again. July was amazing - 19 concerts, 2,500 miles and my first ever standing ovation.
Next week is the first rehearsal for the Verdi Requiem on 5th December in St John's Smith Square, my next big conducting date. I've just found the fourth soloist - it will be a fantastic line-up.

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